Last week I had an identity crisis

(& now I'm changing everything...kinda)

Last week was one of those weeks that had me questioning everything.

ICYMI, we recently got back from a trip to South Africa to visit Lyndon’s family and it made me question everything about how we live and approach our life & business in the most healing of ways.

So naturally, when we got back I had a full blown identity crisis.

I’m not going to lie, coming back to a fixer upper that is very much still a work in progress, groundhogs that decided to take over our front yard (1 momma and 3 youngin’s acting like they own our place!!), and the sounds of road noise with a steady stream of sirens definitely had me dreaming of waterfront properties. It’s not nearly as peaceful as the beachfront vibes we had while we were on our trip & I’ve had to check my mindset multiple times (while not always succeeding, let’s be real).

But right now we’re in Arizona for the next couple of days and I’m just going to soak up the desert vibes and cute coffee shops with a much bigger sense of appreciation for them.

Problem Ignore GIF by CBS

(Me right now lol 🤷🏼‍♀️)

However, WITH THAT SAID…I’ve been putting in the work and actively making changes to our life/biz because, wow, I realized there was a lot that was out of alignment and fun fact: my word of the year is “Aligned” which meant I had some work to do.

Here’s a few of the changes I’ve been making behind the scenes over the past couple of weeks:

I Changed Therapists!! — I realized I was not getting the support I needed out of my previous therapist so I pulled a switcharoo and so far, I’m SO GLAD I made that change. Time will tell but I already feel so much better with my new therapist & it’s affirmed that I made the right decision. Let this be a lesson to you — if something is not working, it’s okay to make a change or let it go. You’ll probably be better off for it. Just sayin’.

Guarding My Time Like a Gorilla 🦍 — while we were on our trip I read the book At Your Best by Carey Nieuwhof and damn, 5⭐️’s. Nieuwhof broke down how to approach your time in a way that supports your energy levels throughout the day using “Green, Yellow, and Red” Zones and oooof, I realized that I’ve been giving my green zone to people that should really get my yellow/red zones (and it then it puts me in a red zone for the rest of the day and I feel like I lost an entire day — sound familiar?). Highly recommend giving it a read, it’s quite literally life-changing.

Asking myself, “What do *I* want to work on, just because?” — not because it’s going to be a revenue generator or because I feel obligated to do it; just..what do I want to do right now? I realized that it’s been a hot minute since I’ve taken this approach in business (like…since 2019, pre-pandemic kinda minute) and not doing so was hurting me more than it was helping. Since I’ve started asking myself that question I’ve:

  • Realized there’s an audio series I want to put together for ya’ll

  • Looked into beehiiv for our email newsletters (so far, I’m absolutely obsessed)

  • & created fun graphics JUST BECAUSE.

And wouldn’t you know it; I already feel more lit up and inspired (and we’re just getting started).

There’s plenty more changes that I’ve been making behind the scenes but for the sake of your time & mine, we’ll leave it at those three for now.

The big takeaway here is if you feel like something is out of alignment, it probably is. And look, I know that change is scary (believe me, I gettt ittt) but its so much more free-ing once you’ve made those changes that will set you up for a happier, more peaceful, and fulfilling life. Making changes like that is worth it.

And with that, I’m going to jet off to our airbnb for my a chat with my new therapist & then go pick up Katherine Centers’ new book at Target. 🤗

Thank you for being here, ya’ll are truly the best community ever and I’m not just saying that. I’m incredibly grateful for you!!

Chat next week!!

xo, Jo

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